Engineering, Fabrication/Procurement and Construction Management

 Please call us to discuss your project.


Get your ideas on paper.

HILLTRUST SERVICES INC has a team of great engineers that can offer design and drafting solutions. Whether its currently existing or in a concept stage together we can make it happen. Allow us to help you and your organization ensure all industry standards are met throughout your project.


Bring your ideas to life.

HILLTRUST SERVICES INC. is able to take your project to the next level with a variety of fabrication services. Our shops are CWB licensed and ready to take on any size project. Weather its done in the shop or in the field contact us to discuss how we can help.


Placing your ideas the right way,

HILLTRUST SERVICES INC. has the team to put your project in place. From small custom residential to large industrial projects, contact us to discuss the completing your projects next step. Offering complete project management including all personell and equipment throughout Western Canada.

Inspection / Consultation

Now its in, stay compliant.

HILLTRUST SERVICES INC is able to handle all of your annual inspection and JSA analysis requirements. Overhead cranes, automotive lifts, equipment hoist, lifting components, fall protection and personnel access systems. We have the professional team that can complete it in a safe and efficiently manner.


We all get tired.

HILLTRUST SERVICES INC wants you to enjoy your equipment for years to come. The only way we can do this is if we maintain and repair what our inspection discover. Let us fix any deficiencies and plan your maintenance schedule to ensure low operating costs. Contact us today to discuss your required scheduled maintenance, eliminating future costly repairs.


Need a test before use?

HILLTRUST SERVICES INC is able to provide load testing on a variety of equipment. We test to meet many different standards but focus mainly on ones associated with Cranes, Lifts and Fall Protection. Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss what is required for your project/equipment.


Need some training before use?

HILLTRUST SERVICES INC offers a variety of training. We will always do our best to accommodate any clients requirements. Contact us to discuss how we can help train your staff on your specific equipment.